Матвеева М.О. Общешкольное мероприятие День Святого Валентина

Цель: Расширение знаний учащихся о культурных традициях страны изучаемого языка.

Юноша медленно идет навстречу девушке (ведущие праздника). При этом читает стихотворение и дарит розу девушке.

Here’s special valentine

With lots of love for you

And since you’re very special

Here are hugs and kisses, too!

Девушка: The boys and the girls! Good afternoon!

Юноша: It’s lovely to meet you here, at Valentine’s party.


Love, love me do,

You know I love you,

I’ll always be true,

So please, love me do.


Someone to love,

Somebody new,

Someone to love,

Someone like you.


I hope that Valentine’s Day

Will bring you lots of fun!

He thinks you’re extra – specially nice,

And so does everyone!


You’re just the nicest kind of boy or girl

So very grown up, too

No wonder that this Valentine

Brings lots of love for you.


St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, has been a customary day for choosing sweethearts and exchanging love.


No one really knows the actual origin of Valentine’s Day. We connect Valentine’s Day with two saints of the early Christian church. According to one story, St. Valentine’s was a priest who would marry young couples against the orders of the Roman Emperor Claudius 11, who believed that single young men made better soldiers. This story goes back to about A.D. 200.


The customs of sending valentine cards started in Europe in the 1700s. Commercial valentines were first made in the early 1800s. Kate Greenaway, a British artist, was one of the leading makers of valentines. Her valentines are known for her drawing of little children and the varied shades of blues and greens that she favored. Whatever the origin, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world today and is a holiday for both young and old.

But now let’s have a fun and play. We will divide into 3 teams.

  1. Find the Russian equivalents of English proverbs.
  2. Love is blind.Счастливчик в картах, неудачен в любви.
  3. No herb will cure love.Тот, у кого нет детей, не знает, что такое любовь.
  4. Love makes the world go round.Любовь на замок не закроешь.
  5. Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.Реже видишь – больше любишь.
  6. He that has no children knows what love is. Любовь слепа.
  7. Love laughs at locks myths.Любовь травами не лечиться.
  8. Absence makes the heart grow.Любовь движет миром.
  1. Match the pairs.
Adam Eve
Mark Antony Cleopatra
Hamlet Ophelia
Admiral Nelson Lady Hamilton
Othello Desdemona
Rhett Butter Scarlet O’Hara
Eurydice Orpheus
Rose Jack
Meggie Cleary Father Ralph de Bricassart
Napoleon Josephine
Jane Tarzan
Captain Grey Assol
Tristan Isolde
Ruslan Lyudmila


3. Name the words which connect with St.Valentine’s Day. Участники называют слова, связанные с праздником.

Let’s have a rest and watch romantic story “Cinderella”.

 Просмотр сказки «Золушка»

  1. Мake a crossword. Команды разгадывают кроссворд.

Игра со зрителями. Ответы на вопросы.

1.Бог любви?-сupid

2.Символ любви-цветок?-rose

3.Кого выбирали в день святого Валентина?- sweetheart

4.Что в руках у купидона?(2 ответа) ( bow, arrow)

5.Чувства,объединяющие людей в этот день?(2 ответа)(love?friendship)

6.Как называют в этот день любимого?(2 ответа)(honey,dear)

  1. Now each team gets a color paper, colorful markers and pens. You should create Valentine card. Also you should write a Valentine wish on it. Команды рисуют валентинки с пожеланиями.

Подведение итогов

Let` s see who is the winner!!! Let’s count red hearts!

The winners are both team and I will give you prizes!!!

Жюри подводит итоги игры: подсчитывает жетоны. Вручает участникам игры небольшие сувениры.